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Blink Optics

«Sometimes you have to be old-fashioned if you want to be in style »

This phrase inspired us to go against the clichés of our time. We dared to create and establish a different optical shop, focusing on the subjective taste and daring to ignore the future and past trends, but living in today. The Blink Optics opened in Ioannina, a city of Greece, and quickly spread to the general public due to its choices in sunglasses and eyewear. We have cooperated with very interesting companies mainly abroad, whose products appeared firstly in Greece exclusively by Blink Optics.

BLINK Optics BLINK Optics

In collaboration with the web development and web applications company, the is here!. A completely different online shop with sunglasses and frames appears and presenting a new trend in the global optical market, in which low priced and cheap sunglasses are not only copies and unreliable products, but original and qualitative ones.

Collaborations with sunglasses companies from Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand simply confirm the special view in the style of Blink Optics.

"The most beautiful color of the world is what suits us!!"

BLINK Optics BLINK Optics

We keep working with an insatiable appetite and we continue to believe in the uniqueness of the sunglasses and frames. Moreover, each person is entirely unique!! Believing in this, gives us the motive to continue working in the same way in the future!

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Blink Optics

Charilaou Trikoupi 32-36, Ioannina, Greece

PS: 45 332

Tel. +30 26510 31678


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