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Sunglasses Hally & Son

Our company produces frames since 1959 and perhaps those notes and those glasses belonged to one of our craftsmen, who came from abroad in the district of glasses to learn the craft and wanted to push his luck on his own; we called him Mr. Hally.
We like to think that the hand was of a man who had a dream and that he knew well the eyeglasses.
Then we went back to the origins of the old Italian workshops, to create a collection that expressed that sophisticated and timeless elegance.
Hally & Son eyeglasses are identified by the use of the material: the water buffalo horn.

Always in retrro shades and designs Hally and Son are one of the finest and inspiring brands of our time.With the revolutianary every edge of their temples beeing  round having a hole in the cente and the nose pads with crystall material on every pair.

Hally & Son  Type 35 Type 35 525/01

156 € 62 €