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RB 3025 Aviator

   Ray Ban RB 3025 Aviator

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Ray Ban


RB 3025 Aviator


001/3E Medium


Arista Gold


Pink Light Mirror

Size of Bridge



158 € 131 €

Μεταλλικά διαχρονικά πιλοτικά unisex γυαλιά ηλίου Aviator 3025 με κρυστάλλινους φακούς της εταιρίας Ray Ban για μικρά και μεσαία πρόσωπα.

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Sunglasses of Ray Ban

   Ray Ban RB 3025 Aviator RB 3025 Aviator 001/51 Large

158 € 131 €

   Ray Ban RB 3138 Shooter RB 3138 Shooter 001 Medium

156 € 129 €

Ray Ban

Ray Ban sunglasses are icons, representing over seventy years of authenticity and style in sunglasses. From Aviator sunglasses to Wayfarer sunglasses and beyond, Ray-Ban sunglasses make a cultural statement that has permeated worlds as disparate as Hollywood and the U.S. military. The message about Ray Ban sunglasses? Never hide. Be an independent thinker. The most fashionable thing you can be is yourself.