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HT 165

          Hi Tek  HT 165

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          Hi Tek  HT 165           Hi Tek  HT 165


Hi Tek


HT 165




Matte Gold


Grey Polarized

Lens Diameter


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108 €

Στρογγυλά χρυσά μεταλλικά unisex γυαλιά ηλίου της εταιρίας Ηi Tek  με Polarized φακούς και steampunk ύφος  για μεσαία και μέγαλα πρόσωπα.

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Sunglasses of Hi Tek

          Hi Tek  HT 165 HT 165 Silver

108 €

          Hi Tek HT 1050 HT 1050 Gold

85 €

          Hi Tek HT 4005 HT 4005 Silver

95 €

          Hi Tek HT 4007 HT 4007 Silver

95 €

Hi Tek

Alexander Tasou, designer of Hi Tek Alexander sunglasses, started in London what he calls his "project" from as early as the 80's, bringing industrial design and surrealism to his accessories. Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson are some of the names he worked in time.
Hi Tek sunglasses are never "in" or "out" of fashion.
Alexander's timeless Hi Tek sunglasses designs can be worn by either gender throughout decades and will always make a statement, will always look ahead of time, the designs edgy and stand out. Round sunglasses, metal sunglasses, weird shapes sunglasses, silver sunglasses, gold sunglasses, stylish sunglasses, gothic sunglasses, classic sunglasses, big and small sunglasses, retro sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, futuristic sunglasses, steampunk sunglasses ………Alexander Hi Tek have it all.
Hi Tek sunglasses will not let your down and last forever in time.

Integrating the past, even the ancient, with the distant future. At 2015 Hi Tek sunglasses combining the surrealism of the future, the superior quality of today and the industrial style of the steampunk age.